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Important Information

Arrival and Departure Times

Find important information about public transport to Anam Cara here.

Arrival Times - On Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.

Departure Times - Saturday morning by 10.30am


We have lovely guest accomodation in the main community house, with some shared bedrooms and some private rooms available. For those wanting to secure a private room, please let us know via email, and increase your deposit from $200 to $300 to cover the cost. Another option for those wanting more privacy is to bring a tent, campervan or caravan to the homestead. Our shared bathrooms and toilets are modern, clean and fresh.

The rest of the community house is available for your use and relaxation including living room, kitchen and laundry. We want you to make yourself fully at home during your stay with us.

Bed linen is provided, but please BYO towels.


Meals are all vegetarian with an occasional meat option.

Breakfast - A help yourself affair, although we often make a communal pot of porridge for you to enjoy. As a guest you can choose and prepare your own breakfast, including eggs from our chickens if they are laying well.

Lunch - We cook and share communal lunches at 12.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Dinner - Communal dinners are served at 6pm on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Snack Times - Morning and afternoon teas are provided.

Guest Cooking - At the mealtimes where communal meals are not offered, you will have access to the pantry and may prepare your own meals.

Health and Wellbeing

Please be aware that being a small farm there are many physically demanding jobs that guests may be invited to participate in for Karma Yoga work. There are also plenty of less physically demanding tasks that may be done to contribute to the homestead, so it is very important that guests are aware of their own capacities and communicate with us about their health and well-being needs. The responsibility for working within your own capabilities while at Anam Cara is yours, and our intention is to always respect this.

Electronic Devices

We have a strict policy regarding mobile phones at Anam Cara. There is a charging station in the machinery shed for charging devices (phones/iPads/laptops), and we ask that you do not charge devices inside the community house.


We have a couch outside under the veranda, which is a place that we ask people to sit and use their mobile phones. This can only be done during free time (unless there is something urgent). We have this policy in order to increase our intentionality around the use of devices, as it is our view that they have a very negative impact on us both as individuals and as a community, and take us away from being present.


We are also trying to minimise EMR exposure, and so we ask that devices are only switched on when being used, and are left turned off the rest of the time.


Laptops and iPads may be used (with our ADSL wi fi), but please be mindful and remember to turn off when not in use. 

Phone use in your own tent or campervan is, of course, at your own discretion.

Things To Bring

  • Gumboots

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers

  • Torch

  • Indoor shoes or slippers

  • Cash (for laundry, tuck shop and to pay the balance of your stay at final attunement)

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