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Anam Cara Homestead 



Nestled among the mountains of the Yarra Valley in Victoria, Anam Cara is a 50 acre farm that is home to a small group of radical humans living on the land, restoring connection with country, and working to heal both as individuals and as a collective back into right relationship with one another and with the natural world. Our inspiration and style of living draws from the wisdoms of the communities of the Findhorn Foundation, from our Celtic ancestors, from our Indigenous First People's ancestors and from the living Earth herself. We are also deeply influenced by Vedic philosophy and the Yoga traditions.


Anam Cara is an Irish Gaelic phrase that loosely translates as "soul friend". The Anam Cara relationship is one of sacred depth, and is founded in connection, authenticity, humility, trust and respect. Here at the homestead we seek to cultivate Anam Cara connections with one another, with our guests, and with all of the creatures, trees and rocks and non-human life that share this beautiful place with us. 


Living life immersed in the Australian bush brings us close to the natural forces on a daily basis. We live consciously in rhythm with the cycles, the seasons, and the weather. We practice daily meditations, singing and rituals that restore and uphold our connection with Spirit. We live wide and deep expansive lives at Anam Cara! 


Our vision for this community and the homestead is to live in as eco-friendly and sustainable way as is possible whilst co-creating, journeying, and remembering a more harmonious and sacred way of being human. 


Anam Cara is a place of healing, growth, visioning and enacting our way out of the predicaments of Modernity. Anam Cara seeks to create a bridge between the old world and the new.


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Contact Us

0455 232 750

Mailing List

If you would like to join our mailing list to receive our monthly homestead newsletter, please send us an email. The newsletter will keep you up to date with retreats and gatherings that we have coming up at Anam Cara.

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