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Anam Cara Privacy Statement

Residential guests and volunteers visiting Anam Cara are asked to fill out a booking form prior to their arrival. This form contains personal details and potentially sensitive information about health and life situations. We take the confidentiality of our visitors very seriously, and are committed to the privacy of all information provided.


Anam Cara is a community dedicated to the building of trust - something that has been horribly eroded in the modern culture of recent times. Primal peoples were able to live beautifully autonomous lives because they were able to lean into the deep trust of tribe. We at the homestead are attempting to re-learn the skills and qualities, both as individuals, and as a collective, that bring trust back to the fore. Our visitors are a valued and respected part of that trust building process.


We request permission to place you onto our mailing list. In the future, you can always unsubscribe if you wish to.


We request permission regarding any photographs or video footage that may be taken during your stay. We will not post any social media containing your image if you have asked us not to. Again, permission can be revoked at any time.


If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions about privacy at Anam Cara, please reach out to us at

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