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We try to eat as organically as possible at Anam Cara by buying bulk organic grains and pantry items and growing our own chemical free fruit and vegetables. We are working up to having plentiful organic eggs from our chickens and dairy goats for milk and cheese.


Most community food served is vegetarian, and on the occasion where meat is served, we always make sure there is a vegetarian option. 

We are on a journey with potential meat consumption that we invite others into with their ideas and skills to a possible conscious meat-eating exploration. At present we do not produce meat on the homestead, but are open to the hunting of deer and rabbits (both of whom are non-native and problematic to Country). 


Meat homesteading may be something we venture into at some point. However, we have a cautionary fear of anything that begins the slippery slope into the horrors of commercial meat production. Does domestic meat production have a place in the New World? We are not sure......


We eat mostly vegetarian food for several reasons.  Ethical considerations are important to us, and also the energy of the food we eat and its effects on the consciousness. Health-wise, our concern is that as we travel further up the food chain there is a significant concentration of toxins, which makes what was once a healthy omnivorous Indigenous diet potentially problematic for health in the modern world.


Having said that, we are not dogmatic about what any of our guests or residents choose for their own diet. We try to accomodate differing dietary and allergy requirements, and we also welcome you to bring your own foods that you particularly like to the homestead - including meat. Modern humans have many differing pressures to navigate, and sometimes take-away, and convenience food is the best option for a given moment! Please feel free to eat as you wish whilst at the homestead. No judgey-judgey attitudes about an individual's personal dietary food choices are welcome here :)

What we do however welcome is respectful conversation and dialogue about these issues.

Citrus Fruits
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