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During an Experience Week you will join us in the rhythm of our homesteading life. We offer four different Experience Weeks that can be undertaken continuously as a two, three, or four week long retreat, or booked as individual weeks. Each week has a different focus, and each day a different theme. A focaliser will meet with guests twice daily to workshop the themes and support guests to embody the ideas presented. 


Experience Week guests will assist us with the karma yoga practices that keep the homestead running. Karma yoga is the yoga of action, and we aim to bring mindful awareness to the tasks that we perform. Our work being an expression of love in action and a mode to internalise and digest the ideas presented in the daily themes. Our motivation is to come back into right relationship with the land, with one another, and with all the life forms around us.

An Experience Week stay is ideal for those who want some time out from their day-to-day life, and for those wanting to work on their connection to Country. It is a chance to develop deep listening skills so we may truly hear both our own inner wisdom, and to better understand all the unsaid information that is available to us from the living Earth and from one another. 


For those interested in delving more deeply into primal culture and relating techniques we also recommend these retreats as they blend a lived experience through karma yoga community work, with opportunities for conversation circles in regards to decolonisation, and sharing circles where we explore topics related to more healthy ways to inhabit our humanity.

Details of prices for Experience Weeks can be found here.

If you would like to book an Experience Week please email us at and we will send out a booking form for your completion.

It is possible to stay for longer at Anam Cara on the Experience Week Program, but stays of longer than 4 weeks are at the discretion of the community. We welcome conversation with all who may be interested. For those guests staying longer than 4 weeks there is a reduced cost, reflecting a higher level of responsibility and commitment by the long term guest towards the running of the homestead.

Experience Week Rhythm At Anam Cara

Saturday Afternoon

New retreat guests and volunteers arrive. See transport options here.


Sunday Morning

Community 'start of the week' meditation in the Sanctuary space, followed by pancake morning tea.


Sunday Afternoon

Guests have the opportunity to join us for a hike around the property and into the neighbouring state forest. On hot days, we may instead take a trip together to a local river swimming spot. On very cold days we may head up the mountain to enjoy the snow together!


Monday/Tuesday/Thursday Rhythm

These are our main Karma Yoga days, and they begin with an early morning yoga session (optional) in the Sanctuary Space, Agni Hotra (a short sunrise fire ceremony), and breakfast.


After breakfast we come together for a short cleaning Karma Yoga, where we freshen the community house.


Morning meeting is at 9am, and is an opportunity for everyone to check in with how we are each doing. To share out the Karma Yoga tasks for the day. And to connect with Country during a short meditation.


Morning Karma Yoga practice begins with work in different areas of the homestead. There is a morning tea break in the middle of the work. Anam Cara Experience Week guests will have a short session with their focaliser to explore their daily theme.


Community lunch is served at 12.30pm and there is a break until 2pm.


Afternoon Karma Yoga Practice goes between 2pm and 5pm, with an afternoon tea break included. Experience Week guests will have a wrap up chat at the end of their Karma Yoga shift with the focaliser.


At 5.30pm we offer sacred singing as a group in the Sanctuary Space.


Agni Hotra sunset fire ceremony is held at different times of the evening depending on the time of year.

Community dinner is served at 6pm. On Tuesday evening there is guided discussion on Indigenous perspectives as an important foundation for understanding the ethos of Anam Cara. Monday and Thursday evenings are free for you to relax, hang out with other guests, or join us for occasional evening programs we may have such as a movie or games night.


Wednesday Rhythm

Wednesdays are free days at the homestead, where you can rest or go for a walk. The homestead is surrounded by beautiful state forest, with several walking tracks beginning at the rear of the property.


We try to offer guests a lift into Healesville and back later in the day. We can't guarantee that this will be available every week.


Healesville is a lovely rural town with speciality shops, gourmet food stores and local brewery/winery front of houses. There is also the famous Healesville Sanctuary, which is a great day out to discover the native wildlife and the rehabilitation programs they have there.


Friday Rhythm

Friday mornings start with morning yoga, Agni hotra, breakfast and cleanup.


We come together for our weekly circle time on a Friday morning, which is your chance to share more deeply of yourself and your experiences of the week if you feel called to do so.


The rest of the morning is spent in Home Blessing Karma Yoga, where we take time to clean the community house.


On Friday afternoon there is free time and an end of retreat Experience Week session with your focaliser, followed by financial attunement.


Friday evening tends to be a social night at Anam Cara, with local friends coming in to share in the community dinner and gathering.


Saturday Morning

For those who have finished their stay, we say farewell, and ask that you leave by 10.30am. Departure details here.


If you are staying on, you will be helping with the weekly Homestead Maintenance morning, where we carry out once weekly chores to keep the homestead running smoothly.

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