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There is a time to reach out towards the world, and a time to reach in toward our deeper self. A time to act and a time to rest. A time to be loud and a time be quiet. Our needs continually changing as the four seasons of birth, ripening, harvest and death move through all aspects of creation - including through our own bodies, and through each of our individual life journeys.

Maturity and wisdom are what help us to navigate this ever-shifting landscape so that we make healthy choices and do not get stuck and stagnant. Without maturity and wisdom, the experience of constantly changing and flowing with life can feel ungrounded and unsafe. We clam up and create ever more structure and armour to defend against the dangers that lie ahead out there in the great unknown. We become rigid.

The solution here is not to make further and ever-more grand structures to scaffold this rigidity til it becomes a toppling-over edifice of monstrous proportions. The solution is to humbly realise that this is what we have been doing, and dip a toe into flow even though it scares the shit out of us. And to look at what the actual hell has happened then to our maturity-wisdom radars, and how we can reclaim them.

Indigenous knowledges are where we will find the answers to that. The suppression of these wisdoms, brought about by colonisation, have taken us away from the healthful cycles that maintained a level of mature adult human who did not need rules and regulations, processes and protocols, to prevent them from destroying their own environments and each other. When we begin to re-learn and reclaim this wisdom radar, gradually then, little-by-little, we may return as a collective to harmony with the cycles and seasons, and little-by-little humanity may find its way out of the mess it's currently in.

This rigidity I speak of is the product of a Modernity consciousness, while returning to the state of flow is a medicine that can help build the bridge back to the primal. To the healthy. To the sustainable. To true joy and abundance. Flow allows the cycles and seasons, the emotions, the greater cosmic weavings, to move through us unfettered by our mind-blocks.

Rigidity leads to brittleness. Brittleness breaks. Flow finds ways around obstacles. Flow surrenders and moves with ‘what is’ rather than being in a state of fight against the boulders that litter the current.

The world as we know it is dying. Let it. Grieve it. Give it loving palliative care, but let the spring-time come around again. Because it always, always does. It won't be denied. Fighting death leads to such tension in the body-mind-soul.

Accepting the reality of this does not mean we let go of any personal autonomy to act. Quite the contrary. Stepping into flow and out of resistance, allows the cycles to bring us back into our own personal alignment - a powerful, potent place of potential that can take us to all sorts of spaces - including activism, passionate truth-speak and revolutionary type situations. But the actions then come from a deeper, more authentic place within ourselves. They are no longer driven by grasping and holding onto ‘what was’, but rather come from a more pure place inside of ourselves where we are surrendered to ‘what is’, yet still taking our place in the dance of creating a New World.

There is no aspect of this physical realm, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, that is not governed by the cycles and seasons. Our every breath, heartbeat, and thought process moves through birth, growth, withdrawal, and death continually. This is one of the only incontrovertible truths of our beautiful and strange human lives. So trust it! Lean into it!

Victoria McKay

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