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Right Relationship


Heaven on Earth does not come about through revolution, protest and lobbying. Neither does Heaven on Earth come about solely through prayer, meditation and Divine intervention.

Heaven on Earth will come about from living in right relationship with life. Right relationship with oneself. Right relationship with our Mother the Earth, and all her creatures and life forms. Right relationship with the cycles and seasons. With the elements and the weather, with the seen and the unseen. Right relationship, in fact, with the whole living breathing cosmos.

If you want to heal yourself, your community and your planet, turn your focus to relationship. For that is where the real juice of change will come from.

When we are in right relationship with life, our consciousness expands. We see the magnificent beauty of life all around us and revel in the glory of it all. We begin to notice so much is happening that was previously shut off to us in a more contracted state of awareness.

In wrong relationship, we remain in a shallow form of consciousness, that leads to us missing out on the many more subtle goings on of this complex, chaotic realm. This missing out creates longings and cravings and a gnawing sense of lack. We seek to satisfy these longings through the trappings of capitalism, and these trappings only take us further away from the rightness that would reveal to us the mysteries and beauty of life. The rightness that would allow mature adult humans to make healthy decisions from an internal locus rather than the external dictates that are currently required to keep us all 'safe'.

If we focus on the ways to come back into right relationship with life, all will be well. Earth will indeed begin to feel like a Heaven. We will not need to analyse, dissect and belabour with extreme mental gymnastics the rights, wrongs, moralities, corruptions and antagonists of each and every emerging disaster. We will also not need to hyperfocus on the broken-ness of the individual. Healing becomes a collective and collaborative affair that happens symbiotically through the relationship bonds that are reforged.

Take care not to be distracted by spectacles of suffering proffered for your engagement. At this point in end-stage capitalism these extreme sufferings abound and are absolutely worthy of compassion and action. However - we are funnelled by the mainstream narrative into fervour over that suffering which is deemed palatable versus that which is not. We may then unwittingly give all our energy to that fervour rather than directing it into the transformation work that is ultimately required for life to flourish once more.

There is no greater activism one can perform right now to ease the suffering of others than to look at the deeper reason we have come to this dire situation, and work to heal ourselves and our communities back into right relationship with life. Our ancestors knew these lores of right relationship, and indigenous wisdoms hold the keys to opening the locks that modernity has placed upon our ancient knowledges. Right relationship is our birthrite, and I say it's time to reclaim it.

Victoria McKay

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